We can get parts for almost any tractor, ag equipment vehicle parts

"We treat the Metal not oil" Justice Brothers fuel and oil additives in Marshfield

​​We can help you improve profits! 

We are able to cut pistons, machine heads. And we also have the ability to flow test heads and arrange to have your tractor dyno'd . 

And help you set up complete running tractor that will get you in the top of your class. 

We only use quality parts and take pride in ensuring that parts/products used are durable and have been proven in many applications. 

It does not manner if it a farm tractor, too hot to farm, Hot Farm,Light Pro Stock or something between. 

We have many years of pulling knowledge and proven winning record that will help you be on top. 

We specialize in IH, Ford, CASE, JD but are willing to take on any color as we seek to make our customers happy. 

In addition, we offer truck and tractor pull promotion services for organizations in Wisconsin that seek to provide a quality show. We would be happy to discuss some ideas on classes, purse and venue dates and location. We have many volunteers in our crew with several decades of knowledge in what it takes to run a successful event on the track.

For More details call:

Duane Bauer (Beaver)  at (715) 207-9742 Cell or (715) 659-4101 tractor pulling parts BAR - M Performance in Marshfield Tractor Pulling Parts in Marshfield, Wisconsin